My Approach

There are many different counselling and psychotherapy approaches. I have completed an integrative training which means that I do not adhere to one specific model but draw from several approaches including those from psychodynamic, attachment, cognitive behavioural theory, gestalt and body oriented approaches. My practice is based on humanistic principles which emphasise the consideration of the whole person – body, feelings, intellect, soul, spirit and actions.

I view each client as unique and so adapt my way of working to what I feel will work best for you.  Although much of our work together may simply involve talking about what is happening currently in your life, it will undoubtedly be important to talk about things that have happened in your past. This is because earlier life experiences can provide helpful clues as to why you might feel, think or act the way you do in the present.

I will also be interested to understand how you feel physically as well as emotionally, since our bodies often ‘hold’ emotions which we have been unable to express, and may use body oriented approaches such as relaxation techniques, mindfulness and breathwork. I may also invite you to work in  creative ways via imagery, dreamwork and visualisations.

The most important aspect of my approach is that we work in a way which feels comfortable for you and that we take things at a pace which feels right for you.