Hello and welcome to my website.

I imagine that you may be reading this because life for you feels challenging in some way. Perhaps you are feeling sad or unhappy, are experiencing difficulties in your relationships, dealing with family issues or work related stress. Maybe you have experienced some sort of bereavement, a relationship ending or a job loss. Or maybe you are struggling to deal with the impact of earlier life experiences or trauma which remain unresolved.

Some people seek therapy because they have reached a crisis point in their life and are struggling to cope on their own. Others make contact because they feel stuck or have become aware that they keep falling into unhelpful behaviour patterns which prevent them from leading life to the full.

Sometimes, attempts to deal with things on your own just don’t seem to work but it can feel difficult to seek help. Talking to a psychotherapist or counsellor who is trained to listen can be a source of comfort and support, can help you get a fresh perspective on your situation as well as gain a greater awareness and insight regarding the way you feel and behave. This in turn can enable you to make changes in your life and progress.

I work with people on a variety of issues such as bereavement, stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties, low self esteem and confidence, workplace anxieties and loss of purpose/direction. I also have a particular interest in the effects of bereavement experienced in childhood, child bereavement and sibling relationships.

More information about me and my approach is outlined on the following pages. I hope you find this helpful.